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MaterialsAll materials used to craft your home furnishings originate from up-cycled materials that are reclaimed from a variety of regions around the United States.

Our popular whiskey barrel products are created from genuine, aged American white oak bourbon barrels hailing from the legendary ‘Old Bourbon’ region of Kentucky.

Before we get them – bourbon whiskey barrels are curved set on fire, charred, soaked in whiskey and aged in the elements for years – so you know this material is Tough! Each barrel has its own look and feel; the outsides are weathered, while the insides are charred, so the strong oak takes on incredible character and no two are exactly alike.

All of Outland’s materials are refined to a smooth customized finish for the products to be enjoyed in your home or business.

Our Builder

BuilderDesigner and craftsman Andrew Webber is the creator of Outland Furnishings and has worked with wood and carpentry nearly his entire life.

Webber excelled in production design and woodworking classes throughout his schooling; and after graduating from Drexel University he has continued to pursue additional expertise with advanced woodworking classes with master carpenters and technical schools. He created his first pieces, hand-sanded wood Christmas ornaments, with the help of his father and grandfather at just six years old.

“As someone who enjoys a craft beer or a small-batch bourbon at the end of a long day, I try to create pieces that are ideal for gathering with friends and family, watching the sun go down and bringing a bit of the rustic ‘outland’ into the home.”